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About Us


A1 South Coast Cleaning company is a commercial cleaning company based in the Eurobodalla region. For over 10years, we have dedicated ourselves towards catering to the specific needs of our clients as our services are tailored to suit each client, differently.

With a wide array of professional cleaners as staff members, we offer professional cleaning services that are not the only risk-free, but guarantee total satisfaction; this we say in confidence, as a result of the number of positive feedback we get from our clients. We have a collection of the finest South Coast cleaners covering Batemans Bay, Moruya, Narooma and all other regions within and around Eurobodalla.

Due to our understanding of the fact that our clients are key, we schedule our work in such a way that the client will be able to oversee the cleaning process if they would like and we also specialize in after-hours cleaning all for the satisfaction of our clients.

You do not have to worry about getting harmed by our cleaning services because we ensure that we use and supply only premium quality cleaning products. We value Professionalism above all else, and this reflects in every member of our staff. Starting from the way we take your calls to how we treat you right from the reception desk, we are certain you will enjoy your cleaning journey with us!

A1 South Coast Cleaning
A1 South Coast Cleaning
A1 South Coast Cleaning

Why Choose A1 South Coast Cleaning

We can handle all cleaning jobs, samll or large

  • Hand picked, mature cleaning staff – background checked
  • OH&S Accreditated Service
  • Current NSW Security Licence
  • Reliable and Professional
  • Detailed, tailored work schedules
  • Only quality cleaning products supplied and used

Our Cleaning Services

A1 South Coast Cleaning

Office Cleaning

At A1 South Coast Cleaning Company, we provide professional cleaning service for office environments in the most orderly manner. With our professional cleaners who are trained to perform the best cleaning services, your office environment will always have a good business like ambiance, and you can rest assured our services would never disrupt the decorum of your organization.

Showroom Cleaning

Are you an entrepreneur, or a sales company? Are you in the Fashion or Tech sector? Our professional cleaning services cut across all of these spheres and we make sure we provide your showroom with an aura that will never stop bringing repeat customers to your doorstep. Since we provide after work services, we are certain our professional cleaning service will be right for you.

A1 South Coast Cleaning
A1 South Coast Cleaning

Retail And Commercial Business

South Coast Cleaning Company also perform commercial and retail business activities, like the cleaning of retail and commercial business areas and the sale of high-end commercial cleaning products. We give a new angle to the whole retail and commerce businesses in Moruya, Narooma, Batemans Bay and all of Eurobodalla region.

Our Responsibility

As a professional cleaning company, we do our best to provide and maintain a certain standard. From the business owner to the employees, we owe it to our clients to provide quality, safe and healthy cleaning services. We also value our workers, and we know a healthy business environment equals healthy staff members and that in turn boosts overall productivity. For these reasons, as a commercial cleaning company, we try to ensure that the following are in place:

The Business Owner

Will provide and maintain as far as possible:

  • a safe working environment
  • safe systems of work
  • plant and substances in safe condition
  • facilities for the welfare of workers
  • information, instruction, induction training and supervision that is reasonably necessary to ensure that each worker is safe from injury and risks to health
  • a commitment to consult and co-operate with workers in all matters relating to health and safety in the workplace
  • a commitment to continually improve our performance through effective safety management.


Each worker has an obligation to:

  • comply with safe work practices, with the intent of avoiding injury to themselves and others and damage to plant and equipment
  • take reasonable care of the health and safety of themselves and others
  • wear personal protective equipment and clothing where necessary
  • comply with any direction given by management for health and safety
  • not misuse or interfere with anything provided for health and safety
  • report all accidents and incidents on the job immediately, no matter how trivial
  • report all known or observed hazards to their supervisor or manager.

Client Testimonials

For the past 10 years of our existence, we have the opportunity of working with several brands and companies within and around Eurobodalla region; we have had a lot of positive reviews, all of these reviews are what make us confident in our ability to provide you with satisfactory services.

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